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Monday, 9 January 2012

Carmine beauty - December.

*Carmine - December*
oh christmas tree...

*Weleda - Pomegranate creamy body wash.
Retailed at: £8.95, 200ml.
Sample size: £8.95, 200ml.
Carmine says: Fresh from the orchard, this refreshing body wash is packed with nutrients and organic pomegranate oil. So lather up and breathe in. 
BJunkies say: To be completely honest i'm not keen on pomegranate but I did try it for blog sake it smells sooo good. Normally pomegranate smells too strong and a fake kind of scent, it tends to give me a headache. Weleda has given pomegranate a natural and organic scent which is lush.

*KMS California- Free shape quick blow dry.
Retailed at: £13.00, 200ml.
Sample size: £4.34, 30ml. 
Carmine says: The ultimate time saver that will leave your hair incredibly smooth from multi- award winning haircare brand KMS California. Simply make this the last product you spritz on before drying to reduce your blowdrying time by up to 50%.
BJunkies say: This is a life saver for any student, it's a must. getting up at 6.45 for college is deadly for me. So I normally skip the shower and use dry shampoo but i used this before I went out on a night out and it generally takes me 15-20 minutes to dry my hair completely. It took me 8 minutes to dry my hair, which is actually amazing and it also made my hair smell a lovely fruity scent.

*Japonesque- Smudger brush.
Retailed at: £14.75
Sample size: £14.75
Carmine says: The perfect tool to give your eye a kick, this smudger brush provides excellent control for creating a variety of looks and blending all kinds of colour.
BJunkies say: This is a very good quality brush but its very very over priced! I mean its not even a long brush its really small. So £14.75 i'm hoping it never ever breaks because I will not be buying another one.

*MyFace Cosmetics- Blingtone.
Colour: Silver Screen.
Retailed at: £9.99
Sample size: £9.99
Carmine says: Just like the name says, this Grazia award winning pot of colour will give your eyes a bit of bling. Try a small dash of powder for subtle look or layer it on for a powerful glow. 
BJunkies: This is my favourite product from the december box, it is truly gorgeous the silver is almost holographic. A great clubbing shadow, due to it reflecting off the lights.

*Institut Esthederm- Time technology cream.
Retail at: £69.99, 50ml.
Sample size: £6.99, 10ml.
Carmine says: Don't be deceived, this miracle cream is perfect for skin of all ages. Light reflecting - this time technology cream from Institut Esthederm not only gives your face an instant glow but provides that deep moisturisation that you know your skin will thank you for.
BJunkies say: Ok where is says 'glow' this actually means there are very small pieces of glitter in the pot, which I don't really like because I get people saying to be through out the day that I have glitter on my face. On the other hand this product feels very luxury on my skin, but i'm not sure yet whether I want to carry on using it.


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