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Saturday, 22 October 2011

Welcome to Carmine!

This is my forth beauty box that i have subscribed to in the past 2 months, yes i am a little obsessed but i can't help it everyone else is too! So everyone should know by now how these beauty boxes work if not go to my blog a few below called Beauty Box Galore that will explain everything. Anyway Carmine i think have tried to be a bit clever with how they have presented themselves and how they get things done. As this is there first box i think they did quite well.

So when you receive you box which your first box has no waiting list it's shipped to you straight away. It looks like this a different look to GB & BP. Orange I like actually.

Inside that is your actual box which is slightly bigger than all the other beauty boxes and i like that. I am currently using it to put my nail polish in. But the foiled pink splat that is on the Carmine box i love i think its really original.

When you open your box you see a bright almost neon green inside with the Carmine logo again. This is so much different than black, pink & white. Fair enough the When you open your box you see a bright almost neon green inside with the Carmine logo again. This is so much different than black, pink & white. Fair enough the black tissue paper is the same but they have a red bow and zig zaggie paper trimmings. 

Balance Me.
*Super Moisturizing Hand Cream. £14.50 -100ml

Carmine Opinion: Made by the experts in natural skincare, this multi award winning cream will get you soft and smooth from head to tow - with delicate aromatherapy scents included. 
BJunkies Opinion: This is the best hand cream I have ever used, it smells like special cleansing gel from Dermalogica i think personally. I actually used so much I and went onto the facebook beauty box swaps page and wanted to swap something from my other 4 boxes for another tube but had no luck. So when i get a bit more money in my bank i am going to buy another tube. As for now my very used one is always in my handbag ready for me.

Daniel Sandler.
*Eye Delight in Peach. £10.25 Each

Carmine Opinion: A pot of sweet, shimmery dust to give your eyes a little something to smile about. Created by professional make up artist Daniel Sandler, this incredibly versatile ye colour can swept across the eyelids or mixed with water for a bolder effect.
BJunkies Opinion: The texture of this shadow is gorgeous so gentle and light, i'm not a pink kind of girl though and its very girly for my taste. So yet again i am trying to swap for the colour Ice but no many people got this colour. If you are interested in Peach and you have Ice leave me a message. 

*Nail Repair Natural. £12.95

Carmine Opinion: Produced by Dutch experts in nail, cuticle and hand care, this little lacquer is not just another nail vanish. Made with TLC brush it on to naturally strengthen and protect your nails.
BJunkies Opinion: Now i have short nails being a Nail Tech i always have false ones on which causes so much damage to your natural nail, so i took them off for a week and tried this polish. Brilliant. Nails are back the way they were before I used false ones. But now i have false back i now use the polish as a base coat for my toes makes the colour i want look so much deeper and a smooth finish to the nail. 

The Balm.
*Fratboy All-in-one shadow/blush. £16.34 

Carmine Opinion: Want to get noticed by those college frat boys? this  peachy- apricot- coloured blush doubles up as an eye shadow and miraculously adds life to any skin tone. So hold the ketchup, here's a taste of cintage America that will also go nicely in your handbag.
BJunkies Opinion: First impression of this was its like a Benefit product and i love Benefit. So i was there already. I now use this as my everyday blusher. They are right too people have noticed me looking slightly healthier coloured. 

Caudalie Paris.
*Quenching Sorbet-Creme. £20.00 - 40ml

Carmine Opinion: This deliciously creamy sorbet will naturally refresh and hydrate you skin with all the anti- oxidizing powers of red grape seed. It's the perfect way the quench you thirst after your summer hoildays! 
BJunkies Opinion: I Have A New Boyfriend... CAUDALIE PARIS. I love it! It's amazing. Its so moisturing but yet drys on your skin so fast. It absorbs so quickly deep into your skin and leaves no greasy due. It is now in my daily routine after my Colbert MD eye cream and Caudalie Paris Daily Fluid. (which is from Feelunique's)

Also for you who would like to try Caudalie Paris for yourself,
there is a promotion at the moment. Spend £40 Get £12.50 worth
of travel products. Enter code CARMINE1 by 15thNov2011.

In conclusion...
Carmine is a really great box for £12.75. Nice brands, Keeps there promises, Fast Delivery, Different and Unique. I love all my products in Octobers box i will keep trying to swap the peach for ice if not i'm just going to buy the ice as well. I am going to keep my order for November and see if they can keep it up!


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