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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

J'adore Boudoir Prive

Really sorry that this is a month late.
Septembers box.
6 Products & 2 Extras

First Boudoir Prive box did come ages ago but i haven't been able to take pictures so finally we have the review YAYS!

So anyway for you who don't know know what Boudoir Prive is theres are blog 2 below this one called 'Beauty box galore' that will explain everything too you. This is only so this post isn't so long as the Glossybox post.  Err yes it is tehe!

So September box is called Les Indispensables.
1. Things that are absolutely necessary.
2. The 6 beauty must haves of the month selected by the
 BP team especially for you

When your very kind postman/ women come to your door with your
very own special beauty box, this is what you receive. Now it
is the same as Glossybox's but without the patterns and
the Boudoir Prive logo instead so it's quite safe outer packaging
tight fit so your products aren't thrown around.

After ripping off the outer layer i found this now yet again they have
copied Glossybox's box a tiny bit with the same pink and a black
logo on the front. But i actually prefer this box.
It has a magnetic flap on the side which opens up your box
i think this is more practical.

As you can see its a very pretty and simple inside box.
Nice black tissue paper and pink bow with the mirror sticker, which is
on my college book at the moment.
Also you get the little fold out booklet of
all the products you receive.

Now the fun part what you get.
Lots This Month!

Body Care:
 Tropic Skincare -body smooth.
Retailing at £19.95, 200ml.

20ml. Rub onto dry hand for 20 seconds,
rinse with warm water and pat dry.

BP says: We love this 100% natural body smooth from Tropic skincare, founded by the Apprentice's Susan Ma. Enriched with nourishing Sea Minerals, Jojoba and Macadamia oil, its smooths and hydrates skin wonderfully.

BJunkie Says: This product is really good you don't just have to use it on your hands, which i found out by another blog because i was having a blond moment and just reading the instructions. I actually used it on my feet before i painted my toes. The real strong lemon smell is fab, made my shoes smell of lemons too.

Agent Provocateur -L'Agent.
Retailing at £70.00, 100ml
                         £50.00, 50ml

Apply the perfume to bare skin, focusing on your pressure points.

BP Says: This seductive scent will turn you into the centre of attention and will make you feel sexy, mysterious and captivating. A new classic scent for ladies by Agent Provocateur.

BJunkie Says: I love this scent its so lush, i worn it every day since I've had it and now I've run out and actually thinking about buying the 100ml bottle. Also the real bottle it comes in is really quite nice too, black fading into pink simple rounded bottle. EVERYONE HAS TOO visit the website, once you do you'll know why.

Hair Care:
Macadamia -Hair Repair.
Retailing at £5.75, 10ml
                            £29.95, 125ml

Apply to either dry or wet hair, focusing on the ends.
Use an as overnight treatment for best results.

BP Says: This oil treatment, suitable for all hair types, will make your hair visibly smooth, frizz free and shiny. An amazing product to repair your after the damage caused over the summer.

BJunkie Says: Our product sample was actually the 10ml one so we got £5.75 worth of product in our hair care part which i think is so good that pays over half the box. But yeah i dye my hair all the time, I've gone through blond, red, purple and now i am brunette with blond strips so my hair is very damaged. I thought this was just another product on the shelf that doesn't work, but it does seriously work my hair is shiny, smooth and no split ends AT ALL! I will defo be buying the 125ml bottle.

Zoya -Nail Polish.
Retailing at £9.98 each bottle.
Colour: Marina.

Apply a base coat and up to two layers of lacquer
before finishing with a top coat.

BP Says: Add a beautiful touch of shimmer to your fingertips with this nail polish from Zoya's new Smoke & Mirrors collection for Autumn/Winter.

BJunkie Says: I've heard a lot about Zoya and I've been really wanting to try a polish for a while now so when i opened my box and saw it i was thrilled. But when i was looking through the other BP blogs i saw people had different colours and i saw the Gem colour (which is the deep purple with gold glitter) in the picture above.  So i went on the swap facebook site but no one wanted to swap with me, i am just as happy with my colour though, i wear it on my toes after polishing them with Tropic body smooth. As for the whole collection i love both the Smoke and the Mirrors, the only colours i don't like are Yara & Tao from Mirrors, Dree from Smoke. I'm thinking about buying both Gem from Mirrors and Jana from Smoke. 

Colbert MD -Nourish Eye Cream.
Retailing at £90.00, 15ml!!!!

Apply around and under your eyes
morning and night.

BP Says: Colbert MD, the skincare used daily by HRH Kate Middleton and Sienna Miller, brings you a new impressive Eye cream which re-hydrates the skin around your eyes and reduces puffiness and dark circles.

BJunkies Says: Well we got the 5ml pot in our box which means it'll be worth £30.00 its the size of a 10p but your only using the tiniest bit around your eyes. Its a very nice product its one of my favorites from the September box but i wouldn't pay £90 for it i mean its worth that but i couldn't just throw money at things like that. One day i will though.

Make Up:
Cargo Cosmetics -Boogie Nights.
Retailings at £13.00 for all 5.
Colour: 01 Silver Glitter.

Draw across upper eyelids. For extra impact,
apply to your lower lids.
BP Says: Make your eyes pop with this stunningly wild eye pencil from Cargo Cosmetics. A prefect shimmery pencil for day and night.

BJunkies Says: I did like this eye liner but it hurts drawing across my upper lids because it has glitter within the product and i know i am being such a wimp now but it really does hurt! So i have given it to mum get again. But no review she hasn't used it yet.

Smoke & Mirrors Tester Case.
Mai Couture- Blot & Bronze.

Love this now i know all the colours and what they would look like on me or a client.
Might just end up getting the whole collections and giving the 3 colours i don't like to mum again.

Don't really know why the bothered with these, to be honest i really don't like them you get 2 and they don't work. Not BP fault its the company's but yeah will not be buying these ever! Only product i truthly disliked in bother BP and GB.

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  1. great review!
    My first box is the October one which is due next week (fingers crossed) x