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Sunday, 25 December 2011

Revealed! My giveaway prizes!

Right this is the last part now 50 followers and a winner 
will be picked from
9 more to go.

Your price will be.
Orly - Viva Collection!
If you win my giveaway you can pick one of these polishes.

Starting from the left:
La Playa

Second surprise!
Then a second person will be chosen and they can then pick from 
the last three. 
Same rules apply as said before but now comment on this
post from now on. (this doesn't included followers that have already commented)
Follow this link to enter.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Christmas Glossybox December.

*Christmas Glossybox has arrived!*
Christmas gift guide -part 2.
Sparkle, shimmer &

Right so this is one of my christmas presents but i was allowed to open it up to show you guys. I do have to say from my first impressions this box is a wow! Loads of full size and more than 5 products this time. Such a good christmas present from Glossybox team. Also the red box for christmas instead of the light pink one is a nice festive touch. 
If people are thinking about buying the Janurary box know that due to christmas and new years they will be coming later than normal.

*Rituals, Foaming show gel*
Retail at: £6.50, 200ml.
Sample size: £6.50, 200ml.
GB Say: This unique foaming shower gel gently cleanses you skin and leaves it silky and smooth.
BJunkie: A whopping 200ml of full sized product this is amazing it filled up the most of the box. The scent im not too keen on so i think i want to swap it for a different scent. 

*Blink+Go, Hi-definition mascara.*
In: Black.
Retails at: £14.99, 8g.
Sample size: £14.99, 8g.
GB say: Longer, thicker, sexier. Give your natural lashes a stunning flake free, waterproof boost.
BJunkie: Another full sized product to add to the collect of this box. Thank you very much Glossybox! I tryed this product straight away, lush brush not one of those plastic things. Gives lashes a fuller look with natural volume. I was looking for a new mascara now I don't need to bother. 
*Cargo Cosmetics, Classic lip gloss.*
In: Paris, powder pink.
Retails at: £10.00, set of 5. 
Sample size: £2, for 1.
GB say: Cargo's new lip gloss formulation! Perfect shades, great wear and high shine without being sticky.
BJunkie: For you who read my blog you'll know i'm not keen on lip products, normally I can't stand wearing them, more of a foundation rubbed on my lips girl.. Classy! But this one is actually quite nice it's not sticky at all and really smooth to apply. 

*Deborah Lippmann, nail polish*
In: Razzle Dazzle.
Retails at: £16.00.
Sample size: £16.00.
GB say: Party glitter nail colour with a sachet of the most amazing polish remover finger nail mitt.
BJunkie: Never hear of this make of polish but I like it but definately needs two - three coats because this glitter polish is very clear. Haven't tied the removers yet but im sure they will be good.

*MeMeMe, Seventh heaven.*
Retails at: £15.00, 30ml.
Sample size: £5, 10ml.
GB say: A Luxurious moisturising facebase enriched with active nutrients and extracts to prime and nourish the skin.
BJunkie: Nice little sized pot of face cream, really cute smell of lemons. 

Actual price: £61.49.
Glossybox samples: £44.49!!

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Elf- 12Days of Christmas EXTENDED!!

It's only till 9.30am tomorrow.
Any can be used just enter the code at the check out.
click here - ELF EXTENDED!

Buyapowa- Urban Decay.

Urban Decay Midnight Emergency Kit.
Through Buyapowa.
(Not actual price + Time.)
This is just showing you what the price metre looks like.
It started at £28
Its now at £23
The best price is £20

But if shared more than anyone else you'll get it free!!
Want it?

Monday, 12 December 2011

Elf- 12 days of christmas.

30% off EVERYTHING!!
Minimum spend £20.00.

Uk code: 12Drum30

Carmine November!

*Carmine November*
Fame and good fortune.

For Christmas my boyfriend is getting me Carmine box Dec, Glossybox Dec and Feelunique Jan because they ran out of December ones. But not Boudoir Prive because they wouldn't take me back at a old member so i would have to pay the extra p&p. BUT my Carmine box cam today and its the November box. Oops! So i had to re order the December box but now i have this one  : )

*New Cid, i-pout lipstick*
Retails at: £15.00
Sample size: £15.00
Carmine Say: No, it's not an apple product -but a revolutionary and incredibly wearable lipstick, equipped with a built-in mirror and light for prefect application in absolutely any circumstance. 
BJunkie Says: Very good looking product. Too bad i hate lip products but this makes me want to like them. I didn't actually notice the light till i went onto the website. Nice touch to make the product more lux.
*Neom Organics, Body lotion*
Retails at: £23.50, 250ml.
Sample size: £4.70, 50ml

Carmine Say: The bath and body equivalent to fine chocolates and champagne, this organic product from an award winning brand is packed with the fragrances of lavender, jasmine, basil and more! Just what your body needs to feel cleansed and refreshed - to perfection.
BJunkie Says: The smell of this is gorgeous same smell as balance me in the October box. I love it my hand bag hand cream and now my essential body lotion. Normally i'm not into organic products i don't really see the point but i have read the ingredients and they impress me. This has to be my favorite product in the box. 

      *Dainty Doll- Eye liner*
In - 003 Goody two shoes.
Retails at: £10.50.
Sample size: £10.50.
Carmine Say: From the makeup line of fashion icon and solo artist Nicola Roberts, this eyeliner pencil contains skin-loving vitamins and is just oozing with colour. Perfect for creating a variety of looks- from soft definition to bold smokey eyes.
BJunkie Says: Best brown eye liner i have ever tryed, so smooth it just guides on. I think i'll be using the code to but one of the other 4 colours! So lucky i got brown though because i needed a new one.

*Cosmetics a la carte, Brow ink*
In - Taupe
Retails at: £22.00
Sample size: £22.00
Carmine Say: Not to confused with a felt tip pen, this soft, semi -permanent ink will add the perfect definition to your brows by allowing you to draw- in individual hairs. This best part is that it also doubles as a fabulous liner. 
BJunkie Says: This product is ok, i wouldn't pay £22 for it though. It comes in 2 other colours blonde and sable. I think it makes your brows look fake and more bold than they should do. But i could be wrong might be the best thing ever. Its just not for me. Will be up for swaps soon!


*Lulu's Time Bomb, night cream*
Retails at: £30.75, 45ml & £9.50, 15ml.
Sample size: £9.50, 15ml.
Carmine Say: It;s true- you can go back in time. At least, your skin can. This extremely powerful anti- aging time machine does all the work to prevent ageing while you get a good nights rest. Snooze on!
BJunkie Says: I believe totally in night cream. Night cream works better that any day cream around. it can go deeper without getting wiped off or polluted by the environment. But why are these company's still giving out ANTI - AGING products. I would really like some tailored to my skin! Not that i don't think people should start early just i don't want to yet! But saying that i will be buying the 45ml product after i have used the 15ml which they actually sell wasn't just a tiny sample carmine gave us! Plus i love the 45ml pot its so dark and sexy! 

*Overall in november*
Value: £61.50! ! !
Which is amazing! Thank you so much Carmine. Can't wait for my December Christmas Box hope you can pull out another smashing box!!

Sunday, 11 December 2011

The Real .BJunkies.

This is me, but now i have brown hair not red.
Please don't read unless your interested.
 Otherwise your going to be bored.

My real name is LJay Barrett.
I'm 18 and going to be forever even though my birthday is in 4months.
I live in the most innocent place it the UK.
Falmouth, Cornwall. Yes i do have a Cornish accent but it not that strong.
I live by with my boyfriend who's 19, have done for 
about 4-5 months now.
I wouldn't ever go back to living with my mum and dad.
Even though they are the best.
Yes that is the boyfriend. He's cute to me.
Living with just the boy.
Is very hard!
If you are thinking about moving out with your boyfriend
think very hard about it first. I've been with Ashley for 4 years now.
and we still disagree on a lot. So wait as long as you can.
Believe me they try to take over the house.
Know what you want before you jump into responsibly.
Ash & I At 14, 15. 
Where did BeautyJunkiesOpinions come from?
To be totally honest i don't know really what made me call the blog that.
It was originally going to be The Beauty Therapist View but i thought it was too
formal. Also it wasn't all going to be about beauty.

I guess the 'junkies' came from just wanting to be edger than therapist.
No im not an actually junkie. No doubt someone would ask one day.

Opinions is only from Views that are all mine, i don't like to read
other blogs on the same topic before writing 
i find it influences my views.

I Want, I Want, I Want.
I have always believed in true love i am actually getting the quote.
"True love is forever" tattooed to my foot.
I want to have babies quite early maybe 22, 23.
This is not because i want to have benefits and things that
are put with being a young mummy. I want mine early because i have
quite an old family, considering i'm only 18 my dad is 62 and mum is 52.
So I want them around when i have all 4 of my babies.
I also want to adopt a coloured baby, this is because my nan always fostered children,
and she always wanted to foster a little coloured baby but never got too.
I'm going to do it for her. If Ashley ever lets me.

Get to know BJunkies. x

I got this idea from Dragon Mummy.

Vital Statistics:
*Name - Leona
*Nicknames - LJay or babe.
*Birthday - 30th March 93.
*Place of Birth - Cornwall,UK.
*Zodiac Sign - Aries.
*Male or Female - Female.
*Occupation - Beauty Therapist / Nail Tech.


*Hair Colour - Dark Brown/ black with 2 blonde strips. 
*Hair Length - Quite long.
*Eye Colour - Bluey grey.
*Best Feature - Feet.
*Height - 5'5 1/2"
*Braces - Nope but i want them.
*Glasses - Nope.
*Piercings - Ear lopes 7, Tragus 1, Scaffold 1, Helix 1, Belly button 1, Lip 1.
*Tattoos -  Blue bow on wrist, soon swallow and quote on my foot.
*Righty of Lefty - Right always.


Your "Firsts":
*First Best Friend - Err... Megan & Darcy in primary.
*First Award - The one i count, 2nd place in beauty therapy comp.
*First Sport You Joined -hockey.
*First Real Vacation - I've been on hoildays since i was 3.
*First Concert - Snow Patrol / Download 2010.


*Movie - Devil wears prada.
*TV Show - Fringe
*Colour - Med Blue
*Song - Him, Heaven tonight.
*Candy - Sour strips.
*Restaurant - Prezzo.
*Store - Dizzy.
*Book - Twilight. Only book i read.
*Magazine - Hello, Ok, Company.
*Shoes - Simple uggs.


*Feeling - Excited to see my man.
*Single or Taken - Taken by one man. <3
*Eating - Nothing atm.
*Listening to - Him, Heaven tonight.
*Thinking about - Family.
*Wanting - Get things sorted.
*Watching - The screen.
*Wearing - Black leggings, Blue T.


*Want children? - Yes 4!
*Want to be married - Yes but not till after my kids are all born.
*Careers in mind - Owning my own Beauty/Nails spa.
*Where do you want to live - America or Ireland.


Do You Believe In:
*God - Half way.
*Miracles - Yes 
*Love at first sight - Yes defo!
*Ghosts - Half way.
*Aliens - Not aliens but theres something else.
*Soul Mates - YES!
*Heaven - Hopefully.
*Hell - Sadly yeah i think so.
*Kissing on the first date - Depends if its what you want.