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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

3D Simple nail art design.

Pink Pretty Princess Nails.

This design took me maybe half an hour, little bit more.
All you need is:
+Long nails/ false nails.
+Bright pink nail polish.
+Clear glitter nail polish.
+Small beads.
+Fimos Flowers.
+Fimo hearts.
+Big, medium & small clear & pink gems.
+Old make up sponge.

If you are on a tight budget like me you can get the fimo, gems, beads and false nails
off ebay for maybe £6 for all of them. Just make sure you add free P&P which makes it
even cheaper for yourself. Also everyone has a glitter nail polish if not try a beauty product swapping site, and you can use any colour polish doesn't need to be pink.

Step by step.

1. Apply base coat.
2. Paint on 2 coats of glitter polish.
3. With the pink polish add a medium size blob to the sponge.
4. Dab over the tip of the nail trying not to be neat it adds to the effect.
5. Add 5 small clear gems to the Thumb tip.
6. 3 pink gems to the little finger big then, medium finally small.
7.Add 3 small clear gems to the middle finger on half the tip other half put one heart or anything you might fancy with nail glue.
8.To the thumb again put to flower fimos over lapping to add more 3D effect.

Now time for the hardest part. be patient it will work in the end.
9. To your ring finger add one big gem in the middle then with you small beads, start to line them up with each line adding less and less till its just one at the top.
10. Add a ring around the gem of small beads.
11. To your pointing finger add two clear gems and ring again with small beads.
12. Apply top coat.

This sounds hard to do but if you just slowly follow the steps you'll be surprized how it turns out. Have a go and send me a picture!!

BJunkie X