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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Christmas Shopping Haul.

New Look Uggs Boots.
But i got student discount so i paid £15.03. £2 off isnt bad.
They are so comfortable!!

Next thing shop was Lush,
Now i don't normally go in here because it
gives me headaches but i was brave.
He brought me two soaps.
Godmother- 100g, £3.74
Rock Star- 100g, £3.15

Godmother has a strange but nice smell,
sort of a cross bewtween cinnamen and
fresh cut grass which surprizingly goes quite
well. Other people have smelt this and said i
smells like different things but its just my personal
Rock Star is a very strong smell
not for everybody, at first i didn't like it but its grown
on me. Its like christmas spices. Good now that we
are coming up to christmas.
Models Own - Wild berry. £5
go to this link to see a NOTD!


Now for the stuff i brought.
excuse his really posey pictures but it took me ages to get him to do this.
Tapout T-shirt.
£17 reduced from £30.
I thought this was VERY good buy!
Tapout zip up jacket.
£20 reduced from £32.
Yet again a very good buy for a
guy christmas present.
Ashley= £26.91
Me= £37

My Swap List.

For Swaps:

1.Mai Coture- blot & bronze. (new)
3.False eyelashes- pink&black. (new & no glue)
4. Swanky girl bum firming cream.(Used once, wanting 3-4products for this)
 5. Double mascara. (New)
6. Nailene arclyic powder. (New)
8. w7 Glitter gold nail polish (new)
9. Nail essentials-Pearl (new)
10. Maybelline- Flash comic. (New)
11.Elf zit zapper. (used once)
12. Vaseline rose.. (used once)
13. Mango & papaya lip balm. (New)
14. Nivea creme. (new)
15. GONE
16. YSL Parisenne body lotion. (new)
17. GONE

Looking For:
-Macadamia hair oil.
-Colbert MD eye cream.
-China Glaze.
Open to offers!!

Monday, 28 November 2011

NOTD- Models own

NOFD! Model own.
Wild Berry. £5

Lush Pink/Purple shimmery colour. 
Sparkles pink in the light and purple in another one.

Great colour for a girly day!

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Want to win the models own beetlejuice collection?

Fellow blogger Lucy is holding a 1300 giveaway!
Because shes lovely like that.
The giveaway 8th November to 20th of December.
Her prizes will be brought end of november when polishes are back in stock.
Its so simple to enter she has all instuctions there for you.

Follow this link:
Be quick not long left now!

Anchor Nails.

Anchor Gels.

Cost of materials: £9 just for gems and acrlyic paint.
 But i already had my gel kit which was £157.99
You can order different parts of gels kits on ebay i recommed NSI Balance system.

Time taken: 15mins for design.
1hour and 15mins to do the pink and white gels.

How you can try this simple design:
1. Use the NSI balance system.
(I will do a blog post on how to do gel nails)
2. Apply a small amount of red acrlyic paint to a tissue.
3. Dip you very thin nail art paint brush into the paint and wipe off excess.
4. Just above the white gel paint a curved line.
5. Wait till dry.
6. Paint a thin layer of glue to your ring fingers.
7. With small blue gem and a dotting tool, put into a anchor design or whatever takes your fancy.
8. Top coat & enjoy your nails!

To make your nails look new everyday apply a small drop of cuticle oil, over cuticles and under nails free edge.   

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

3D Simple nail art design.

Pink Pretty Princess Nails.

This design took me maybe half an hour, little bit more.
All you need is:
+Long nails/ false nails.
+Bright pink nail polish.
+Clear glitter nail polish.
+Small beads.
+Fimos Flowers.
+Fimo hearts.
+Big, medium & small clear & pink gems.
+Old make up sponge.

If you are on a tight budget like me you can get the fimo, gems, beads and false nails
off ebay for maybe £6 for all of them. Just make sure you add free P&P which makes it
even cheaper for yourself. Also everyone has a glitter nail polish if not try a beauty product swapping site, and you can use any colour polish doesn't need to be pink.

Step by step.

1. Apply base coat.
2. Paint on 2 coats of glitter polish.
3. With the pink polish add a medium size blob to the sponge.
4. Dab over the tip of the nail trying not to be neat it adds to the effect.
5. Add 5 small clear gems to the Thumb tip.
6. 3 pink gems to the little finger big then, medium finally small.
7.Add 3 small clear gems to the middle finger on half the tip other half put one heart or anything you might fancy with nail glue.
8.To the thumb again put to flower fimos over lapping to add more 3D effect.

Now time for the hardest part. be patient it will work in the end.
9. To your ring finger add one big gem in the middle then with you small beads, start to line them up with each line adding less and less till its just one at the top.
10. Add a ring around the gem of small beads.
11. To your pointing finger add two clear gems and ring again with small beads.
12. Apply top coat.

This sounds hard to do but if you just slowly follow the steps you'll be surprized how it turns out. Have a go and send me a picture!!

BJunkie X

Nails of the week.

Excuse my really short horrible nails.
But this weeks nails are OPI Bling.

This is a really nice gold without glitter more yellowey than brown.
base coat and one coat of bling works well its gives a slight glow to the nails. If you prefer your nail colours less in your face.
2 coats which i am wearing gives a really liquid gold colour.
Good to wear on a night on the town or just to make a bold statement during the day.

I worn this just to college the next day.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Pre Giveaway Talk!

Just to let everyone know when i hit 40 follows and 2500 views i'll be announcing the prizes for my mini gift away! Then at 50 i will announce my winner! I am getting my boyfriend to randomly pick out of my followers for me. So there is NO cheating. All you need to do is:


1.Follow me.
2.View my page.
3.Be 18 or with parents consent.
4.Be able to give out your address (so i can send you a prize)
5. Share my giveaway! (i will be checking)
Once you have done all this comment below saying whatever you like.

HINTS - Prizes maybe be
Opi... Elf... Barry M.... or something else. 

Just a tease for you.
Help me get to 50 followers & 2500 views.

Reused Beauty Boxes.

These are just my personal ways of using the boxes
of course there are millions of things you can put in them to keep safe.
 Mine are so far: 
Hair care
Facial Products.
Branded Polishes.
Other Polishes.
Nail art supplies.

Dizzy Mini Haul.


I am not the type of person to go shopping all the time as much
as i would love to, i only go when money is okay. This month has treated me good
and money is ready to be spent! So i did a mini haul in a new shop called Dizzy.
I think its only in Falmouth, Cornwall as a local kind of shop. Don't really know if they are 
planning on expanding yet.

Black studded purse. £8.99 
Lots of space for cards and good quality material.

2 Silver sets of 4 and 2 coloured leopard Bangals.
Silver £1.99 each.
Leopard Print £1.99 each.

So all together i spend £16.95 which isn't bad really! I like this shop lots now i know how cheap it actually is because normally little shops like this cost a bomb! But now i go in every time i pass it, they also do clothes and bags. Very new fashion style clothing. 

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Cancellation! ! !

Just a quick note.
November is a VERY expensive month for me 
so i had to cancel my beauty boxes.
I know it made me cry a little but 
i will be back reviewing them in
Decemeber. Or even might be lucky and get it
in the late part of the month as a new subber.
Sorry guys!

Much love 
BJunkie x

Boudoir Prive Deux ¦October.

Boudoir Prive Deux ¦October.

Very sorry that i am doing this Octobers box in November. Hard to get to a computer at the moment for me. Will start to get better December followers : )

I have been comparing Glossybox and Boudoir Prive this month
already i have come up that... Boudoir Prive beats Glossybox this month just because of swapping goods. I think September's boxes for both of these companies was so amazing that they tired themselves out. So October was a tiny bit of a let down but i will make good of what i have because after all they are still going to all this trouble for us beauty lovers.

All together in Octobers box we have 7 products which is really nice considering we only think we are getting 5. 

KORRES Guava body butter.
Full Size: £12.50, 150ml.
Sample Size: £4.16, 50ml.

BP Opinion: An extremely rich and soothing cream for dry and chapped skin. The combination of vegetable oils has excellent compatibility with the skin, allowing for easy absorption. It provides uplifting and long lasting moisture.
BJunkies Opinion: Hands down favourite product in the box. The smell is richly gorgeous and its perfect for you who moisturise straight after the shower because it works better on slightly damp skin.

CETUEM Illuminating Mask & Creme de lite.
Full size: Mask £25 & Creme £45, 50ml.
Sample Size: Mask £1.25 & Creme £2.25, 5ml.

BP Opinion: Listed as one of the top 100 beauty brands by Harper's Bazaar, Cetuem is a breakthrough in skincare. These products will help you maintain a youthful complexion whilist brightening the skin eliminating uneven skin tones.
BJunkiesOpinion: I didn't actually try these products i swapped them on for Models own polish. But they smelt lovely shame they didn't come in a bigger size.

Creme de ite.

LEONOR GREYL Huile de Palme
Full Size: £24, 95ml.
Sample Size: £6, 25ml.

BP Opinion: Huile de Palme is a pre-shampoo conditioner that will soften and nourish dry and damaged hair. From a range of hair care products that use only natural ingredients delicate aromas and plant extracts.
BJunkies Opinion: This product is very strange, i have never heard of a pre-shampoo before. So i gave it a ago and i do like it my hair was so shiny and soft all night. But in the morning it became very greasy and limp i don't know whether the product had been too rich or whether the night was a bit to heavy. So maybe ill use it when i have a day off the next day. It defo a once a month treatment and it's very hard to get out of the bottle!

STUDIOMAKEUP Liner styler pen.
Colour: Black.
Full Size: £12, 1.1ml.
Sample Size £12, 1.1ml.

BP Opinion: For intense eye definition this deep back liner styler pen glides on for a long lasting and crease- proof line. The slim and soft tip provides precision in a single stoke.
BJunkies Opinion: I swatched this pen on my hand and although it glides on beautifully it was a thin line. Which some people do like but i am one for the big thick black line ;-) So i am currently swapping this for the Colbert MD Eye cream.

ROSE & CO Rose petal salve.
Full Size: £5, 20g
Sample Size £5, 20g.

BP Opinion: This rose scented salve soothes chapped lips and dry skin. It can also be worn as a glossy top coat over lipstick, an eye gloss or brow bones or mixed with a shimmer powder to give a glamorous glow.
BJunkies Opinion: I love that this product is so varied in the way you can use it. But sadly again i don't like lip products. Beautiful tin though wish i could take out the product and use the tin.
MEMO PARIS 1. Les echappees, 2.voyages naturels & 3.les orientaux.
Translate: 1.Escape Routes, 2. Natural travel, 3.The oriental.

BP Opinion: Memo is a new Paris-based niche line of fragrances created by Clara Molloy. The samples are a miz of three ranges: Les Echappees, Les Orienteux and Voyages Naturels. Memo invites us on a sensory journey and aims to evoke ideas of dream and travel.
BJunkies Opinion: I reveived Les Echappees, Lalibela - Une rose Mystique. (A Mystical rose) its very nice but very strong. I would defo buy this if i had the money too.

Overall: it was an ok box, i'll give it 3/5. Box price is £31.10 not including perfume. Also we got an invite to RMS Skintuner's events day where you get free facials & skin mapping done. 
Bad point now; i also heard the brand new subbers got 2 extra products free, not to keen on that. I mean it's a little unfair.