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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Anchor Nails.

Anchor Gels.

Cost of materials: £9 just for gems and acrlyic paint.
 But i already had my gel kit which was £157.99
You can order different parts of gels kits on ebay i recommed NSI Balance system.

Time taken: 15mins for design.
1hour and 15mins to do the pink and white gels.

How you can try this simple design:
1. Use the NSI balance system.
(I will do a blog post on how to do gel nails)
2. Apply a small amount of red acrlyic paint to a tissue.
3. Dip you very thin nail art paint brush into the paint and wipe off excess.
4. Just above the white gel paint a curved line.
5. Wait till dry.
6. Paint a thin layer of glue to your ring fingers.
7. With small blue gem and a dotting tool, put into a anchor design or whatever takes your fancy.
8. Top coat & enjoy your nails!

To make your nails look new everyday apply a small drop of cuticle oil, over cuticles and under nails free edge.   

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  1. Wow i love these!

    Holli x