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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Wanting Wednesday.

Late wanting wednesday, sorry.

Monday, 30 January 2012

My week in pictures, 30/01/12

Cornish Beauty.
feeding the cute duckies.
Beautiful cornish swans
Squirrel eating a whole piece of bread.
Baby swan.
Swanpool beach.
Old army hut we saw.
Ash's driving his new bmw
Sandy <3
Bruce <3

Bling nail art.

Bling Royalty

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Wanting Wedensday

This is my first wanting Wednesday, every Wednesday I'm going to post a picture of something/ someone I really want.
and these shoes are amazing!!!

Thursday, 19 January 2012

My week in pictures, 19/1/12

Week 3 - photos im proud of.
My so called arty picture. vote red hair.

college time

Height scale 

My octopus i made.

My new iphone cases!

My lasagne, so proud! 


Wednesday, 11 January 2012

My 2012 Swap List.

Items i'm swapping;
1. Cleanse me soap.                                                        11. The swanky girl bum firming cream.
2. Cleanse me bath salts.                                               12. YSL body cream.
3. Blink+Go mascara.                                                    13. Elf Smoky brown polish.
4. La Carte blow ink.                                                     14. Nivea cream.
5. Max factor mascara.                                                15. Nivea soft cream.
6. Lip smacker coca cola vanilla.                                16. Murad mens mask.
7. Lip smacker coca cola original.                              17. Mango & Papaya lip balm.
8. Built it dual mascara.                                               18.Maybelline polish flash comic.
9. Pink & Black false lashes.                                        19. Nail essentials polish pearl.
10. Vaseline rose.                                                          20. Lierac anti ageing cream +Sample.

Items I would like
Elf, Orly, Opi, China glaze, thisworks, Colbert MD, Macadamia oil. 

*WINNER* of my Orly Viva giveaway.

The winners where chosen by
I will try to email or facebook you. If I don't reply to
me within 3days I will have to pick another winner.

And the 1st winner is......
*Drum roll*
Honey Go-Lightly
You can pick one of the 4 colours.
(Already replied to me)

2nd winner (repicked) is...
Pretty in pink
you can one of the 3 colours left.
any but la playa!

Glossybox For Men.

*GLOSSYBOX for men*
December edition.
The future is finally here... hassle-free access to the best in grooming.

This is a review done by my boyfriend, so it's fair because I couldn't try these products myself. The actual reviews will be shorter than normally, because my boyfriend is a man of every few words. Thank you Ashley for doing this for me and my followers.
*Shaveworks- The cool fix.
Retails at: £31.00, 156ml.
Sample size: £1.26, 29ml.
GBM: A soothing blue gel that alleviates shaving and waxing woes.
Ashley: I thought this was a very interesting product, it does cool down my skin after shaving I haven't tried it with waxing yet. But i'm sure Ljay will get me too try it for her and then if it works she'll proberly take it off me. Really refreshing product. 4/5 for this product.
*Murad- Clarifying mask.
Retails at: £35.00, 75g.
Sample size: £10.50, 30g
GBM: This natural clay-based formula draws out impurities and absorbs excess oil to control and prevent breakouts.
Ashley: This mask was the worse one in the box, it smells like burning hair and it made my face sting which im sure its not meant to do. I don't have problem skin has Ljay calls it so an acne mask wouldn't of done much anyway so I going to give this to Ljay to swap. 1/5
*Goldwell- Dualsenses for men hair & body shampoo.
Retails at: £7.60, 300ml.
Sample size: £0.76, 30ml.
GBM: Cleanse, revitalise and care for your hair, skin and scalp.
Ashley: This smells so good first of all, thought this 'dual' thing was weird but i'm giving it a try anyway.
*Monu- Vitru conditioning body wash & Vitru energy rub.
Retails at: £12.25, 200ml & £15.00, 150ml.
Sample size: £0.81, 20ml & £4.50, 30ml
GBM: This body wash formulated with mild foaming agents to gently cleanse the skin and leave it feeling fresh and supple.
Ashley: I had to use quite a big blob of the wash to actually make it foam but other than that a very nice product, wouldn't buy it myself though. Cool to have in the bathroom though. 3/5
GBM: Vitru's energy rub muscle gel is designed to energise a tired mind and body.
Ashley: Don't really know what to think of this product, only because I don't really know what its meant to do. I suppose it's meant to relax tired muscles but I rubbed it on my thighs and back and all it did was make it cold. 3/5
* Goldwell- style sign roughman- matte cream paste.
Retails at: £9.00, 100ml.
Sample size: £2.25, 25ml.
GBM: Rub a small amount between your palms and style your hair. Use on slightly damp or dry hair.
Ashley: I like this gel, not a paste really. Its a clear blue gel and super easy to you. 5/5
*Yves saint laurent- La nuit de L'homme & L'homme.
Retails at: £43.00, 60ml.
Sample size: £0.43
GBM: A fresh oriental men's fragrance that rocks the senses, combining cardamom and cedarwood for intensely sexy scent.
- An iconic men's fragrance from Yves saint laurent: fresh, woody, masculine.
Ashley: I like both of these fragrances too bad they are such tiny samples. 4/5

Overall prices: £20.51.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

My week in pictures. 11/01/12

Its been hectic!
I <3 this stuff!!
Jasper & Oscar my babies.
Hev & I at college.
My comp nail, wish me luck.
Acrylic seahorse, that I made.

Feelunique- January.

Spoliter alert!!

New year, New you.
*Phyto-  Color protect express conditioner.
Retailing at: £10.20, 150ml.
Sample size: £0.77, 20ml.
Feelunique: This highly hydrating express conditioner is rich in citrus extracts and sea buckthorn to bring long lasting colour and shine to colour treated or processed hair.
BJunkie say: This is a sample of a conditioner and I have this thing about using samples of shampoo or conditioner I only have one use of it so I don't see the actual results but I will use it. Also for a conditioner it says that you have to rinse out immediately which is kind of strange.
*Caudalie Paris Vinotherapie- Nourishing body lotion.
Retailed at: £21.50, 400ml.
Sample size: £2.90, 30ml.
Feelunique: An all-over treat! This rich, hydrating body treatment is enriched with delicious plant- derived ingredient that provide intense nutrition and anti-oxidant action to the skin, leaving it gorgeous supple and toned. It also promotes micro- circulation which can help to prevent stretch marks - prefect!
BJunkies: I actually love Caudalie products they are amazing to use, so light and fresh. This product is perfect because my boyfriend has just start to get stretch marks and this appartently helps them so hopefully it'll work for him, and I might use a bit on mine ;)
*thisworks- clean skin for the face.
Retailed at: £16.20, 150ml.
Sample size: £0.81, 30ml.
Feelunique: This award-winning, non drying natural cream face cleanser for all skin types protects the balance of your skin whilst gently removing all make up and everyday dirt. Use morning and evening, massaging lightly with fingertips over the face and eye area, rinsing off with water. Skin is left glowing and hydrated.
BJunkie say: ive done my research on this product and it has really good reviews so im hoping its going to do this same for my skin, I have quite problem skin and don't know whether is too creamy for me but im still going to give this lovely smelling product a go.
*Lierac- Creme mesolift anti-aging radiance.
Retailed at: £29.80, 50ml.
Sample size: £9.92, 15ml.
Feelunique: Get an instant flash of  radiance for more toned, smoothed and moisturised skin. The fresh, rich formula is packed with energising cocktail of citrus AHA's - the ultimate skin- boosting ingredient! A skin pick me up.
BJunkies say: Don't really know about this product it looks sort of strange to me, also its again anti- aging which these boxes keep on giving us, I mean I know you should start early but im 18 I would like  a change and use combination type or oily. Up for swaps!
*Dead sea spa magik- salt brushing.
Retailing at:£12.25, 500g.
Sample size: £1.23
Feelunique: This best selling body hero combines coconut oil and vitamin E that work to reduce cellulite, increase circulation, heal tired skin, nourish and hydrate. For best results, use with a body brush, sweeping in circular motions all over body as often as you need. The perfect foundation for improved rejuvenated skin.
BJunkies say: All the beauty boxes have used this dead sea spa magik products don't really know why because I don't think its that popular but im going to give it a try anyway.