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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Beauty Box Galore.

Carmine Beauty box.
As you can see ive done my review for Glossybox which i loved and by the way im sorry i didn't really describe this in my first blog i was jus so excited!!

But i also have subscribed to Boudoir Prive, & Carmine beauty boxes. Sadly i was to late to get the september box for Feelunique and Carmine, but Glossybox and Boudoir Prive i was lucky to just about get them in time. Right so for you who have been living in a hole since May (like me), Beauty Boxes are a monthly or now newly 6month payment or even 12 months payment which does turn out cheaper in the long run. At the time i was running low so i just paid the monthly payment.

Price range:

Glossybox - £12.95.
Boudoir Prive
This is the most expensive out of the beauty boxes i have ordered, this is because it was £10 per month but was starting to get damaged and stolen in the post so they added £2.95 as protection for YOUR special box. But as always people will complain, some people even unsubscribed. They did it for you!

Boudoir Prive - £10
This is the 3rd expensive, but has no post and packaging protection. - £9.95
This is actually the cheapest box out of the 4, but i think its because they were a shopping website before and this is just another add on. Not  saying that they don't care about you :)

Carmine - £12.75
This is a brand new box and none has actually been sent out yet but they already trying to make your box stay special by adding protection.

About Each Box:

*Glossybox are the first of the beauty boxes in the UK so they have made the mistakes and the rest of the boxes have learnt from them. My opinion on the personality of this box is luxary products that you might know already.

They say; Every month, you will receive your indulgently wrapped glossybox filled with carefully selected beauty miniatures. Your glossybox will be sent directly to your door every month and will allow you to test out new products in the comfort of your own home. Your Glossybox will be sent to you in the second half of every month. In addition to luxury miniatures, the box contains product information, application notes and tips and tricks about beauty and style. Our GlossyBook publishes interesting features on a regular basis on how to use the products in your box. Complete your Beautyprofile to allow us to match as best as possible our products to your personal beauty and styling requirements.

*Boudoir Prive are still quite new i think they have only had 2-3 boxes out so far and the payment has just been taken for Octobers Box today.

My opinion on this one is it concentrates on top of the line luxary samples with brands simliar to Dior and Channel. So expensive brands also targeted to a more mature audience. But still good if you want to try new products you'll never buy like me.

They say: Recieve 5-6 luxary samples, (these are the only offers 5-6 samples the rest are 5) Try them in the comfort of your own home. Special benefits to members only. Earn loyality points by sharing your beauty experiences.

* are fairly new to the beauty box scene. Because they are a online shop you can buy there beauty box products if you like them enough.
My opinion on this box to me isnt luxary as in top of the line samples this is more your superdrug to salons and brands you'll definatity know.

They say: 5 deluxe beauty samples every month. Access to the best beauty brands. Savings when purchasing full-size products. Top tips so you get the most out of your products.

*Carmine is a BRAND new box which means no one knows anything like what you can get which i love because i will be one of the first people to receive a Carmine box! EXCITING :)

My opinion on this box, well i have no idea on what products you'll get but im thinking its going to be half way between Glossybox and (My choice in a box) I will keep hoping. Or a mainly make up box but i doubt that.

They say: 5 generously-sized product miniatures from a wide variety of product categories. Tons of exclusive content online to ensure that you get the most out of every box. All boxes delivered by the 10th of each month. (These are the only ones who tell you a date when it'll be delivered. All the other say middle to end of month)

Some of Brands including.

Glossybox - OPI, L'oreal, Xen-Tan, Welada, Blink&Go
Boudoir Prive- Zoya, Agent Provocateur, Mai couture, Bloom Teas, Babor Catwalk, Elemis, Bare Escentuals, Ghd
Carmine- none known yet.

Other boxes:
Beauty box- only Australia
Lust- only australia
Amanga- Organic products
Birchbox- USA only
& Many More!

Choose your own box!


  1. Really like your comparison of the's like craze, isn't it? I'm subscribed to 4(!) and it's too much :D But the lovely beauty things...can't resist...!

    Just one note: in Feelunique Beauty box FAQ it says they only ship to UK customers ;)