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Thursday, 6 October 2011

My Newest Craze - Corsets-UK.

Dear Fellow Bloggers and Followers,
I have news for you!

You know the time of the month when you have run out of money for the months pay packet and don't get another till a week time. Well today is that day and what do i do... I go online shopping! Just to tease myself even more.
Right so as i was looking around and i came across this facebook page that is advertising the website that sells corsets, i thought hmm i might need one of those one day. You know as you do, making up a reason why you should buy the pretty things you see. 

This is the facebook page:
& the actual website:

As this blog is about my opinions i'll show you my top 5 corsets i found on this website. Then and extra one that im actually going to buy next week ; )

Number Five: A3213
Cream and Blue Corset
A3213 is a gorgeous satin, Modesty panel, Fully adjustable criss cross ribbon laced back, A frill softens the cleavage line, 16" in length (front of the corset), Sturdy metal clasps on the front of the corset, Detachable suspender clips.

An innocent looking corset like this maybe should be worn with a pair of dark blue skinny jeans and white high heels. I think a very light blonde would suit this one better, more of a Alice in wonderland look to it. But blue is my favorite colour so this might be on my Christmas list.

Number Four: JP02
Black Swan Corset

JP02 is made to order, 14 1/2 "  in length, Full steel busk, 100% Cotton lining, A Modesty panel, 24 Spiral steel bones throughout, Mild sweetheart shape for sensational cleavage, Highest quality black brocade waist training corset, Beautifully edged with black coque feathers at the top and bottom, Finished with diamante trimming to accentuate the waist line, 16” Adjustable Velcro Diamante collar finished with coque feathers, Cut shorter at the back for comfort, Heavy lacing on reverse, Small metal clasps on front of the corset,

Black Swan corset is a exquisite work of art, looking similar to the outfit worn on the film which is a nice touch. I think i would only wear this one to a fancy dress party but a more up town one. (i wouldn't wear the hat though i do think that slightly puts me off but i still like it. Just simply put with a pair of very high black heels, diamante necklace and you hair up.

Number Three: A3108
White satin Basque

A3108 is actually a bridal corset, Fully adjustable criss cross ribbon laced back, Bra cups for extra support (only suitable for B/C, White lace trim on cups to soften the cleavage line,White lace straps, Concealed hook and eye clasps at the front, 14 1/2 " in length front of the corset, Removable suspender clips

I do really like this one, i would never buy myself but its very pretty looking, kind of  'Slutty/Innocent Bride' look but i a good way. Obviously this one is with a long skirt (making it look like a wedding dress, white wedding type shoes, Pearls jewellery, veil long and simple. hair down or up with this one.

Number Two: A3064 & S013
Hot pink Corset with Black Tutu.
A3064 & S013 are sold separately but must be brought together in my opinion! They are Finished in pink satin, 12 bones throughout, Fully adjustable criss cross ribbon laced back, Mild sweetheart shaped cut, 16 " in length (front of the corset), 10" in length (tutu), Sturdy metal clasps on the front of the corset.

Prefect for a hen night! I don't normally like pink but this one caught my eye, i would definately buy the black tutu as well it makes the outfit. Wear black tights because i think the tutu might be slightly too short and you don't want to look trampy, Hot pink or black high heels (closed toe), hair down, one big ring. Maybe a hot pink bow in hair.

Number One: P-019
Buckled PVC Overbust

P-019 is 1/2" Steel bones throughout, Finished in highest quality PVC, Full steel busk, Stylish gold buckles, A Modesty panel, Heavy lacing to the back, Modest straight line cut, 13" corset front & back, Zip front fastening.Also this one has lots of benefits like:
Improves your posture.
Perfect for creating an hourglass figure.
Most success with ladies that are 5ft 8" and under.
Ideal for completely covering up.
The garment will take 4" off your waistline.

PVC Corsets are definitely more gothic/ punk style which i love really my kind of corset. I really want to buy this one the only problem is that i wouldn't have the confidence to wear it,  even  though i normally don't mind wearing thing slightly different when i go out i think this might turn a few head though. Must be worn with the black skinny jeans and deadly gold or black high heels, hair down and straight but lots of volume.

**In conclusion, i will be buying number 1... and 2  =P !!**

Find them yourself -


  1. Hey, thanks for posting such a nice blog about our products. For future reference, its not a hat with the black swan, it's a velcro neck piece! tee hee Sarah x x

  2. Ohh that sounds better, thank you :) x

  3. They're so beautiful and how wonderful that the company saw your blog post!!

    You have a great blog here, I cannot wait to read more of your posts! Keep up the good work, I'm sure it will become a success for you as it's fabulous so far!!