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Sunday, 11 December 2011

The Real .BJunkies.

This is me, but now i have brown hair not red.
Please don't read unless your interested.
 Otherwise your going to be bored.

My real name is LJay Barrett.
I'm 18 and going to be forever even though my birthday is in 4months.
I live in the most innocent place it the UK.
Falmouth, Cornwall. Yes i do have a Cornish accent but it not that strong.
I live by with my boyfriend who's 19, have done for 
about 4-5 months now.
I wouldn't ever go back to living with my mum and dad.
Even though they are the best.
Yes that is the boyfriend. He's cute to me.
Living with just the boy.
Is very hard!
If you are thinking about moving out with your boyfriend
think very hard about it first. I've been with Ashley for 4 years now.
and we still disagree on a lot. So wait as long as you can.
Believe me they try to take over the house.
Know what you want before you jump into responsibly.
Ash & I At 14, 15. 
Where did BeautyJunkiesOpinions come from?
To be totally honest i don't know really what made me call the blog that.
It was originally going to be The Beauty Therapist View but i thought it was too
formal. Also it wasn't all going to be about beauty.

I guess the 'junkies' came from just wanting to be edger than therapist.
No im not an actually junkie. No doubt someone would ask one day.

Opinions is only from Views that are all mine, i don't like to read
other blogs on the same topic before writing 
i find it influences my views.

I Want, I Want, I Want.
I have always believed in true love i am actually getting the quote.
"True love is forever" tattooed to my foot.
I want to have babies quite early maybe 22, 23.
This is not because i want to have benefits and things that
are put with being a young mummy. I want mine early because i have
quite an old family, considering i'm only 18 my dad is 62 and mum is 52.
So I want them around when i have all 4 of my babies.
I also want to adopt a coloured baby, this is because my nan always fostered children,
and she always wanted to foster a little coloured baby but never got too.
I'm going to do it for her. If Ashley ever lets me.


  1. Hey I like your blog :)... follow me xx

  2. Not sure how I found your blog, but i'm glad I did.
    I know exactly what you mean about living with a guy lol it's certainly a challenge.

    Hope you don't mind me following you.