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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Glossybox Number Two ¦October

 Glossybox ¦ October ¦ Six Pack.

So this is what we got this month. Not a great range but i think the box is still a winning with very expensive brands going into the box.First we have the Leighton Denny Nail Polish in Hanky Panky but i wont be doing a write up on this product because i am doing two swaps on for two other colours. So i will be doing a full review on the three polishes to give a better impression of the brand. 

♥ STILA. Smudge stick waterproof eyeliner.
Colour: Moray.
Full size: £13.00
Sample Size: £13.00

GB Opinion: Stila's highly pigmented, waterproof eye liner glides on delivering intense, vibrant colour with staying power.

BJunkies Opinion: This eyeliner is truely waterproof, i worn it on a Monday night down town and it was pouring down with rain and all my other make up came off all down my face but my Stila eyeliner. I was quite shocked actually because i didn't think it would of stayed on through that, i was wrong. Moray is a beautiful colour of dark mermaid green with hints of gold glitter
perfect for top or bottom lash line

   MultiVitamin Thermalfoliant
   Full Size: £40.50, 75ml.
  Sample Size: £6.07, 15ml.

GB Opinion: A powerful thermal skin polisher that combines physical and chemical exfoliant.

BJunkies Opinion: This is fab i love it, i trained to be a beauty therapist with Dermalogica and it's such a good brand to work with. Also a lot of companies work with Dermalogica to bring brightness to the skin. Each of Dermalogica's products are tailored to each skin type. So really people under 25 shouldn't be using Age Smart but we could just get a head start on protecting our skin. What the product actually does is heats up as you massage the exfoliant in, but it's like bursts of heat only lasts about 3 seconds each time. I used it in the shower at like 11pm i woke up the next morning my skin was brighter and smoother i didn't want to wear foundation that day.

MultiVitamin Power Recover Masque.
Full Size: £33.00. 70ml.
Sample Size: £4.95, 15ml.

GB Opinion: A Powerful masquw of concentrated antioxidant vitamins to help skin recover and regenerate.

BJunkies Opinion: I don't really use masques, only time i do is when me and my (quite girly) boyfriend do it together, just so i don't look silly if he walks in. But its been a while since one of those nights so might be the next one to try out. 

Renewal Lip Complex. (with beauty bag)
Full Size: £22.50 1.75ml.
Sample Size: £12.00 1ml.
Bag: £5.00 ish.

GB Opinion: A daily treatment that restores the delicate lip tissue.

BJunkies Opinion: Sorry i don't use lip products, im sure it's really good quality but i can't stand them. So up for swaps? 
Whereas the bag, i love this is my new make up bag for my handbag! Love this extra.

♥ ROBERT PIGUET. Eau de Parfums.
Full Size: £65.00, 75ml.
Sample Size: £0.98, 1.5ml.

This one im not really going to talk much about, Glossybox didn't really have a opinion on them just that it's his three signature scents. Personally i didn't think that much of them. Fracas is a weird floral scent, Visa is not much difference and Calypso is more of a warm scent which is the best one out of the three but i didn't like these much.   

Good Box - 4/6
Box Worth - £49.96


  1. I've finally been able to read your review hun. Now I've finally got round to writing mine. We've expressed completely different views on the free bag lol. But now I've read your review I agree with you it will make a perfect, if slightly butch ;-), hand bag make-up bag lol

  2. Thanks Lucy. I'm not that much of a girly girl so Black is a good colour for my taste. So happy you read it :) xx

  3. hello from usa! love your blog--love all the product reviews, and enjoyed browsing through your posts. new follower, and hope we can stay connected. cheers! :)