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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Modern School Boy Handbag!

Happy buy for under £20!

Its a simple 'Avatar' blue satchel handbag.
I brought it for £12 £9.60 from Matalan.
with my discount.
Bows & Ribbon not included.

Its a fake feel leather bag, with a soft finish. good quality buckles.
2 big pockets and 2 inside smaller pockets.

I find choosing a new handbag really difficult because after 2 weeks i'm bored
 of them but this one is me. I hate having a black or brown bag it's dull.
Blue is my favorite colour as well, which was a bonus.
The only problem with this bag is it's not as big as i would like it.

Even though i can fit my giant purse from river island, my hello kitty make up bag, perfume, make up brushes, keys, mirror and a pen. 
So its a decent size, i think i may be being a bit too fussy just too pick at things.

 All in all I am very happy with purchase.
Smiles all round today.

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