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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Christmas Shopping Haul.

New Look Uggs Boots.
But i got student discount so i paid £15.03. £2 off isnt bad.
They are so comfortable!!

Next thing shop was Lush,
Now i don't normally go in here because it
gives me headaches but i was brave.
He brought me two soaps.
Godmother- 100g, £3.74
Rock Star- 100g, £3.15

Godmother has a strange but nice smell,
sort of a cross bewtween cinnamen and
fresh cut grass which surprizingly goes quite
well. Other people have smelt this and said i
smells like different things but its just my personal
Rock Star is a very strong smell
not for everybody, at first i didn't like it but its grown
on me. Its like christmas spices. Good now that we
are coming up to christmas.
Models Own - Wild berry. £5
go to this link to see a NOTD!


Now for the stuff i brought.
excuse his really posey pictures but it took me ages to get him to do this.
Tapout T-shirt.
£17 reduced from £30.
I thought this was VERY good buy!
Tapout zip up jacket.
£20 reduced from £32.
Yet again a very good buy for a
guy christmas present.
Ashley= £26.91
Me= £37

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